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Digitally disengaged: government resistance to civic participation

This paper examines digital engagement through local e-government. Drawing from a local government case study, it suggests that limitations to online civic involvement are often the result of insufficient government reception of, and responses to, citizens’ views. Interviews with local representatives illustrate inadequate digital education...
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Conceptualizing the (non) users of the internet

Most studies about internet use examine how usage differs among users and why. Less attention has been paid to the varied degrees of non-use or low levels of use. Non-adopters of digital media are usually understood as not having access to digital media. However, there...
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Mum. Dad. Do you need some help with that? Empowering older Australians in a digital era.

The change to a digital environment for Australian families is more than simply adopting internet connectivity or a mobile phone. Moving from an analog environment and into a digital sphere for many individuals is confronting: the transition requires digital media literacy, that is an understanding...
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Users and non-users of next generation broadband

This paper explores the contexts and motivations that underpin the uptake of Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN). The findings are drawn from a mixed-methods research study of households using surveys and interviews conducted in 2011 and 2012 in an early release site of the NBN...