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Alex Oliver


Foreign territory: women in international relations

Australia’s international relations sector has a severe gender imbalance in its workforce, despite some notable trailblazers in a few prominent roles. This report argues that this imbalance needs to be addressed for the sector to make its workforces more effective and innovative, using the best...

Lowy Institute poll 2018

After the remarkable developments of the past two years and following a year of heated domestic debate on issues such as foreign influence, energy and immigration, the 2018 Lowy Institute Poll has observed both continuities and discontinuities in Australian public opinion.

Lowy Institute poll 2017

The 2017 Poll is the thirteenth annual poll by the Lowy Institute. As always, the poll has incorporated a broad range of questions about some of our most important relationships, including those with the United States and China, and asked Australians to consider how much...

Lowy Institute poll 2016

The 2016 Poll examines attitudes to other important issues such as freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, foreign investment in Australian farmland and military engagement in Iraq and Syria. The Poll also provides data on how public opinion on some of our most...

2016 Lowy Institute polling: majority of Australians favour a local build for next-generation submarines

Overview Australians have strong views on where Australia’s next submarines should be built, with the latest Lowy Institute polling finding that 70% of Australian adults want the submarines ‘built mainly in Australia, even if this will cost us more’. Only 26% say ‘the submarines should...