Alex Oliver

About: Alex is the Director of the Polling Program at the Lowy Institute. Alex is responsible for the Lowy Institute's program on public opinion and foreign policy, including the annual Lowy Institute Poll and polling projects overseas.  Alex's research interests include Australia's diplomacy and diplomatic infrastructure, consular affairs, and public diplomacy. As well as three Lowy Institute Polls, Alex has co-authored major studies for the Lowy Institute on Australia’s diplomacy including the 2011 Diplomatic Disrepair with Andrew Shearer, authored the policy brief Consular Conundrum in 2013
Working paper

International broadcasting and its contribution to public diplomacy

The topics covered in this report range from a critical review of each government’s public diplomacy programs and its aims and objectives for international broadcasting, to developments in the international broadcasting arena – the major evolutions and trends witnessed over the last decades.

65017 | Australian opinion on British exit from European Union

A majority of Australians think the United Kingdom should stay in the European Union, according to new Lowy Institute polling. In a decisive result, 51% of Australian adults say the United Kingdom ‘should remain a member of the European Union’, while only 19% say it...

Foreign territory: women in international relations

Australia’s international relations sector has a severe gender imbalance in its workforce, despite some notable trailblazers in a few prominent roles. This report argues that this imbalance needs to be addressed for the sector to make its workforces more effective and innovative, using the best...

Lowy Institute poll 2018

After the remarkable developments of the past two years and following a year of heated domestic debate on issues such as foreign influence, energy and immigration, the 2018 Lowy Institute Poll has observed both continuities and discontinuities in Australian public opinion.

Diplomatic disrepair: rebuilding Australia's international policy infrastructure

A review of Australia's overseas diplomatic network and a comparison with the foreign services of other developed nations. Three years ago, the Lowy Institute brought together a panel of eminent Australians to review the instruments with which Australia seeks to engage the wider world and...
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