Susan Ariel Aaronson


Could a global “Wicked Problems Agency” incentivize data sharing?

The world is rife with 'wicked' problems — problems that no one knows how to solve without creating further problems. The author of this paper proposes a new international organisation, the Wicked Problems Agency, to catalyse both data sharing and data analysis in the interest...
Policy report

Building trust in AI: a landscape analysis of government AI programs

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD’s) website on artificial intelligence (AI) policy (the OECD.AI Policy Observatory) is the world’s best source for information on public policies dedicated to AI, trustworthy AI and international efforts to advance cooperation in AI. The author’s review of...

A future built on data: data strategies, competitive advantage and trust

In the twenty-first century, data became the subject of national strategy. This paper examines these visions and strategies to better understand what policy-makers hope to achieve.

Listening to users and other ideas for building trust in digital trade

This paper argues that if trade policy-makers truly want to achieve data free flow in digital trade they must address public trust and user concerns beyond privacy.

Could trade agreements help address the wicked problem of cross-border disinformation?

This paper looks at how policy-makers can use trade agreements to mitigate disinformation and spam, while implementing financial and trade sanctions against entities and countries that engage in disseminating cross-border disinformation.