Sam Vincent


Opening government: transparency and engagement in the information age

This book explores new horizons and scenarios for better governance in the context of the new information age, focusing on the potentials and pitfalls for governments operating in the new, information-rich environment.

Whale wars: Sam Vincent

Travel writer, journalist and author of Blood and Guts: Dispatches from the Whale Wars, Sam Vincent takes an objective eyewitness look at the whale wars. What motivates the war against whaling in the Southern Ocean – for both sides? Why does Sea Shepherd spend vast...

Putting citizens first: engagement in policy and service delivery for the 21st century

This book explores the ways in which governments are putting citizens first in their policy-making endeavours. Making citizens the focus of policy interventions and involving them in the delivery and design is for many governments a normative ideal; it is a worthy objective and sounds...

Benefit of hindsight: Valedictory reflections from departmental secretaries, 2004-2011

Secretaries of government departments in Australia are the bureaucratic leaders of their generation. They are ambitious, highly-talented executives who have risen to the very pinnacle of their chosen vocation – public service to the Australian nation – usually after having spent most, if not all...

Inside the Canberra Press Gallery

Before television, radio, and later the internet came to dominate the coverage of Australian politics, the Canberra Press Gallery existed in a world far removed from today’s 24-hour news cycle, spin doctors and carefully scripted sound bites. This historical memoir of a career reporting from...