Andrew Podger


Report on public service overhaul a good start, but parliamentary inquiry is needed

While the long-awaited Thodey Report makes many sensible recommendations, the detail is often missing and the analysis weak. And the Morrison Government's response rules out key reforms.

Book review – Clive Hamilton’s Silent Invasion: China’s Influence in Australia

Hamilton paints a picture of unrelenting determination not only to control those within China but also to dominate the world using whatever means at its disposal. To Hamilton, China is “Australia’s enemy”, writes Andrew Podger.

Value for money: budget and financial management reform in the People's Republic of China, Taiwan and Australia

This book presents and discusses a selection of papers developed from the Greater China Australia Dialogue on Public Administration’s fifth workshop held in late 2015, which focused on budget and financial management reforms, including how different nations account for the relative performance of their public...

Sharpening the sword of state: building executive capacities in the public services of the Asia-Pacific

Governments around the world invest considerable resources in enhancing the capabilities of their civil service administrations with the intention of improving the quality and e ectiveness of public administration.

Measuring and promoting wellbeing: how important is economic growth?

This book examines questions such as: does economic growth contribute to wellbeing? How different is income to wellbeing? How do we measure societal wellbeing and take its distribution into account? Summary Australia continues to be at the forefront of international work on measuring and promoting...