Rebecca Fisher

Policy report

Tackling the inverse care law

This report reviews attempts to tackle inequities in the supply of general practice services in England over the past 30 years. The report looks at policies on general practice funding, workforce, premises, contracts and commissioning.

The NHS long term plan and COVID-19

The NHS Long Term Plan remains the blueprint for the NHS’s evolution in the United Kingdom, but the pandemic has dealt a huge blow to both the NHS and social care. In this report, the authors provide a narrative of what was achieved before the...

How might COVID-19 affect the number of GPs available to see patients in England?

This report examines how many GPs currently practising in England are likely to be at high personal risk from COVID-19.
Briefing paper

Understanding primary care networks

This briefing places Primary Care Networks (PCNs) in the context of previous changes to general practice funding and contracting. It examines the rationale for networks, explores relevant evidence and draws out intended benefits and possible risks for the future of PCNs.