Chris Aulich


Political management in Australian local government exploring roles and relationships between Mayors and CEOs

This discussion paper explores the dimensions of models that define working relationships between council Mayors and members of local government. The working relationship between the Mayor as the leader of the council and the chief executive officer (CEO) leading the council organisation is one of...

Innovation in Local Government: Defining the Challenge, Making the Change

A Better Practice Guide about innovation and change in Australian local government and how such concepts might be practically considered within the sector.

Consolidation in local government: a fresh look - volume 1: report

This report examines the options available for local government to increase its capacity and provide improved services. A recurrent theme in local government reform, in Australia, New Zealand and overseas, has been the issue of municipal amalgamation and the various benefits which are assumed to...

Consolidation in local government: a fresh look - volume 2: background papers

Efficiency has remained a primary theme for higher tiers of government within Australasia when addressing issues of local government performance. This report provides a literature review of current and past research on local government. It constitutes Volume 2 of the report Consolidation in Local Government...

The Rudd government: Australian Commonwealth administration 2007–2010

This collection of essays examines Commonwealth administration under the leadership of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd from 2007-2010. This was a remarkable period in Australian history: Rudd’s government was elected in 2007 with an ambitious program for change. However, as the chapters in this book demonstrate...