John Martin


Regional business development in a variable and changing climate

Adaptation issues across all businesses relate to coping with extreme temperatures, water restrictions, fire or flood. When climatic variations result in fire and flood the impact is felt by all businesses. Adaptation through planning and preparation is seen as an essential strategy for the sustainability...
Technical report

Designing a climate resilient future

This paper articulates policy recommendations arising from the design-led approach to developing responses to climate adaptation, developed as part of the VCCCAR-funded project, Design-led Decision Support for Regional Climate Change. The recommendations are intended to facilitate the integration of multiple perspectives in spatial planning. The...
Briefing paper

Sustainability appraisals of design-led responses to climate adaptation

Design charettes (a form of intensive workshop) were held in Bendigo and Sea Lake, engaging community members, local government and state government staff and academics in an intensive process of envisaging and designing alternative futures for their locality based on an understanding of local conditions...

Design-led decision support for regional climate adaptation

Final report of the research project Design-Led Decision Support for Regional Climate Adaptation. It outlines a decision support framework for policy makers to engage multiple perspectives in regional climate adaptation planning, and includes a project manual comprising both the methods used in the project and...

A report on the Local Government and Housing Linkage Project national survey: Sydney metropolitan results

This survey is part of an Australian Research Council Linkage Project investigating the role of local government in housing Australians in the 21st Century. This report compares the responses of councils in Sydney (17 Sydney councils responded to the survey) to the response of councils...
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