Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research


The Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research was a multi-institutional research organisation whose focus was primarily action-based research. The purpose of their research was to assist the development of policy and build understanding and capacity in relation to adaptation across the private and public sectors in Victoria.

Victorian government funding for VCCCAR concluded in June 2014.

Technical report

Designing a climate resilient future

This paper articulates policy recommendations arising from the design-led approach to developing responses to climate adaptation, developed as part of the VCCCAR-funded project, Design-led Decision Support for Regional Climate Change. The recommendations are intended to facilitate the integration of multiple perspectives in spatial planning. The...
Briefing paper

Urban heat island reduction through green infrastructure: policy guidance for state government

This brief is presented as a synopsis of key policy issues that may either support or hinder efforts to reduce urban heat through increased green infrastructure. It highlights the need for co-ordinated efforts and identifies specific portfolio barriers and opportunities.

Supporting partnerships with local government and the community

Recent research highlights an ongoing lack of systematic and rigorous adaptation planning in Australia. The need to improve problem framing was identified, along with a requirement to better integrate local adaptation into social, urban and regional planning, and into emergency management and sustainable development efforts.

Decision taking in times of uncertainty

The focus on knowledge tends to underestimate the social dimensions of the decision making process and conceptualises them as being separate from the production of ‘objective’ knowledge. Because—as social science research has shown—knowledge is inseparable from values, power and vested interests, they can only be...

Facilitating the use of research in policy development and implementation

Three research projects funded by VCCCAR were selected to study research-to-policy interventions that might better facilitate the use of their respective results. These case studies were selected because they had progressed to a point that aligned with the time table of our “Research-to-Policy” project and...