Hartmut Funfgeld


Balmoral fire connect: a case study of social networks and the diffusion of bushfire preparedness information in a rural community.

This report examines the diffusion of information using social network analysis of four key staff at BBNC. This demonstrates a supplementary method whereby rural networks can add to the formal fire safety education available in the community.

Adaptation for recovery evaluation report: for East Gippsland Shire Council

After significant bushfires, East Gippsland Shire Council implemented a new approach to disaster recovery using an "asset based community development" approach. This report provides an evaluation of the Project, presenting key findings and recommendations to inform implementation of similar models in future fire affected communities.

Enabling climate change adaptation across Gippsland local governments: staff perceptions of adaptive capacity and regional collaboration

This report presents the findings of all project evaluation activities carried out as part of the project ‘Enabling Gippsland Councils to integrate climate risk and adaptation into local and regional strategies’, which concluded in August 2016. The Centre for Urban Research at RMIT University was...

Supporting partnerships with local government and the community

Recent research highlights an ongoing lack of systematic and rigorous adaptation planning in Australia. The need to improve problem framing was identified, along with a requirement to better integrate local adaptation into social, urban and regional planning, and into emergency management and sustainable development efforts.
Briefing paper

Adaptation planning for community service organisations and primary care partnerships

This policy brief is for Victorian State Government departments. It aims to inform state-level policy and programs that could support climate change adaptation (CCA) planning by community service organisations (CSOs) and primary care partnerships (PCPs).