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This policy brief is for Victorian State Government departments. It aims to inform state-level policy and programs that could support climate change adaptation (CCA) planning by community service organisations (CSOs) and primary care partnerships (PCPs).

This brief summarises results of the VCCCAR Implementing Adaptation project, a study that sought to better understand the adaptation planning capacities and needs of CSOs and PCPs (Fünfgeld et al. 2013). That study also facilitated the testing and implementation of adaptation planning approaches.

Part I outlines the need for state-level support and coordination for adaptation planning and implementation in CSOs and PCPs. Parts II and III provide specific suggestions for key policy portfolios:

Part II: Health

Part III: Human Services

Highlighted in each part are key policy issues that either support or hinder CCA planning by CSOs and PCPs. Emphasis is placed on the need for coordinated efforts and specific portfolio barriers and opportunities.

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