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Darryn McEvoy


Land tenure and climate change vulnerability

This publication examines the inter-relationship between land tenure and climate vulnerability. The analysis has been framed according to peoples’ exposure to climate-related hazards, the sensitivity of different elements at risk in both urban and rural contexts, and understanding how insecure land tenure influences the adaptive...
Briefing paper

Urban heat island reduction through green infrastructure: policy guidance for state government

This brief is presented as a synopsis of key policy issues that may either support or hinder efforts to reduce urban heat through increased green infrastructure. It highlights the need for co-ordinated efforts and identifies specific portfolio barriers and opportunities.

Planning for a cooler future: green infrastructure to reduce urban heat

This guide focuses on the use of green infrastructure (GI) to mitigate urban heat. GI is an effective means to minimise heat accumulation in the urban environment as it shades hot surfaces, increases evapotranspirative cooling and modifies wind patterns The guide provides advice on spatially...

Responding to the urban heat island: a policy and institutional analysis

Dealing with heat stress in Australian cities is of increasing concern to decisionmakers. Indeed, heat is already an issue affecting Melbourne with people, buildings, and infrastructure all evidenced as being vulnerable to episodes of extreme heat. It is likely that without deliberate interventions the urban...
Briefing paper

Framing climate change adaptation in policy development and implementation

The Framing Adaptation project explored different ways of describing and approaching climate change adaptation at the conceptual, theoretical and operational levels. Focusing on local government in Victoria, it investigated how organisations understand and interpret adaptation, how they conduct adaptation planning and make decisions in the...