Darryn McEvoy

Working paper

VCCCAR project: Framing adaptation in the Victorian context - synthesis report

This synthesis report provides a summary of the research activity and conveys the key findings arising from the 18 month ‘Framing Adaptation in the Victorian Context’ project undertaken between 2010 and 2012.

Local climate change adaptation planning: a guide for government policy and decision makers in Victoria

This guide can support all levels of government, irrespective of sector, in working out how climate change impacts may affect their respective services and programs, and how to best prepare for and respond to current and future climatic changes
Working paper

Framing climate change adaptation in policy and practice

This working paper described what ‘adapting’ to climate change means by clarifying commonly used terminology and how these different concepts are used in policy development in Australia, and other parts of the world.).

Climate change and health in the regions

The workshop aimed to identify and better understand the likely climate risks (amongst other drivers), to improve our understanding of the factors that increase vulnerability for each of these communities (in relation to human health), and to begin to map out effective adaptation strategies and...

Land tenure and climate change vulnerability

This publication examines the inter-relationship between land tenure and climate vulnerability. The analysis has been framed according to peoples’ exposure to climate-related hazards, the sensitivity of different elements at risk in both urban and rural contexts, and understanding how insecure land tenure influences the adaptive...