David Mitchell


Land tenure and climate change vulnerability

This publication examines the inter-relationship between land tenure and climate vulnerability. The analysis has been framed according to peoples’ exposure to climate-related hazards, the sensitivity of different elements at risk in both urban and rural contexts, and understanding how insecure land tenure influences the adaptive...
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Defining the inevitable: micro-practices of strategic spatial planning

This paper examines the micro elements of strategic planning: the rules, shared understandings, and structures.
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Cornerstone or rhinestone: the fate of strategic planning in the post-political age

This paper draws on thinking about the post-political condition to critique recent strategic planning practices in NSW. Thinkers such as Mouffe, Rancière and Swynedouw suggest that we are now in an era founded on the suppression of the inherent conflictual or political nature of social...
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Towards a Resilient Sydney' - climate change adaptation planning for Sydney

This paper investigates the relationship between long term strategic land use planning and the future climate, specifically why strategic planning can contribute to a city’s climate change resilience.