Sandy Horne


A report on the Local Government and Housing Linkage Project national survey: Sydney metropolitan results

This survey is part of an Australian Research Council Linkage Project investigating the role of local government in housing Australians in the 21st Century. This report compares the responses of councils in Sydney (17 Sydney councils responded to the survey) to the response of councils...

Housing locally: a report on the Local Government and Housing Linkage Project national survey

This report presents the outcomes of an online survey of local governments across Australia into attitudes, programs, policies and actions with respect to housing. The survey was undertaken as part of the three-year Local Government and Housing in Australia for the 21st Century ARC Linkage...

The invisible immigrants: Dutch migrants in South Australia

Figures and statistics on migration from the Netherlands to Australia prove the existence of a large community with Dutch heritage currently living in Australia. Who and where they are however, is a lot more difficult to determine. In general, the Dutch have shown an extraordinary...
Discussion paper

Local government and housing in the 21st century: a discussion paper

This discussion paper reviews the major themes in policy, public debate and the published literature on the role of local governments in the housing sphere in Australia in the 21st Century. It has been produced as one output associated with the Australian Research Council’s Linkage...

The role of local government in addressing homelessness: a tool kit for local government

Local government is recognised as the tier of government closest to the people of Australia (Megarrity 2011). It provides a range of services that underpin the management of our cities, contributes to the wellbeing of our communities through the provision of infrastructure and services and...