Tiebei Li


Commuting burden and housing affordability for low-income renters

This study investigated the impacts commuting costs have on accessing employment for low income workers who are renting their home.
Briefing paper

Emerging transport technologies: critical policy brief

This briefing draws upon the expertise of RMIT’s transport research community to inform policy makers and the wider community on critical challenges presented by the emergence of new transport technologies.
Conference paper

Economic, social and spatial effect of transforming private vehicle fleet in Brisbane

Transformation of the motor vehicle fleet has been an important feature of the world’s peak car phenomenon. Very few urban transport studies have explored such important changes in large urban cities. Using an innovative green vehicle datasets constructed for 2009 and 2014, this paper investigates...
Conference paper

Urban structure, commuting burdens, and productivity of urban labor markets in Australian city

Improving urban productivity is central to the Australian Government’s Smart Cities agenda. Urban productivity is fundamentally related to the capacity of firms to access high quality labour pools and in turn for workers to access optimal employment without high costs. Yet Australia lacks systematic analysis...
Conference paper

Using an urban sustainability assessment framework to support policy-making at a neighbourhood level

This paper describes an urban sustainability assessment framework first presented at SOAC 2011 and explores its use with practitioners on a real-world case study in Logan City, Queensland. The focus of the paper is on how such frameworks may be applied in Australian planning practice...