A home for all: cost-benefit analysis of the Wyatt Trust Housing Initiative grants

29 Aug 2016

Key Findings

  • The Initiative Fund Grants funded by Wyatt from 2009 to 2013 had a positive impact on the lives of recipient households, either reducing the risk of homelessness and/or assisting homeless persons into stable and appropriate accommodation.
  • Recipients of Initiative Fund Grant assistance reported positive benefits with respect to their capacity to find employment or remain in employment, their ability to escape from violence in the home, their mental and physical health, their risk of suicide and their capacity to stabilise their housing circumstances.
  • The cost-benefit analysis undertaken as part of this study found a substantial positive return from the program:

o On average the benefit to cost ratio of the Initiative Fund Grants was 6 to 1, indicating that the program generates six dollars in social and economic benefits for every one dollar of cost.

o There was considerable variation across individuals, with the assistance provided to some individuals valued at 59 to 1 and 29 to 1. For others, however, the benefit to cost ratio was close to 1 to 1, but still represented an important positive influence in the lives of vulnerable households.

  • Agencies noted that Initiative Fund Grants raised their productivity as workers as they could more quickly provide assistance to households in crisis, allowing them to better address the other challenges confronting that household or the needs of other persons seeking assistance.
  • Many of those assisted by the Initiative Fund Grants reported periods of homelessness and unstable accommodation prior to receiving assistance from Wyatt. Many had significant health challenges.
  • While not assessed through the cost-benefit analysis, a range of personal, social and economic benefits were delivered through the Initiative Fund Grants that cannot be assigned a monetary value. The importance of these benefits should not be overlooked.
  • In depth interviews with the recipients of assistance from Wyatt revealed that the assistance provided has an enormous impact on the lives of some of the most disadvantaged South Australians.
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