Kate Rosier


Promoting positive education and care transitions for children

This Resource Sheet is a review of research regarding children’s transition from home, to early childhood education and care services and then to school, with a specific focus upon both children and parents’ experiences of those transitions. The factors that influence a child’s ability to...
Briefing paper

Interagency collaboration

Briefing Paper 21 comprises of two papers that focus attention on the ways interagency collaborations benefit children and families. Part A looks at what collaboration is, the benefits and risks of involving families in collaborations, when interagency collaborations are likely to be most effective and...

The relationship between transport and disadvantage in Australia

This resource sheet provides information about how transport and disadvantage intersect and why some groups are especially vulnerable to transport disadvantage. Transport difficulties are consistently identified as a factor that restricts Australian families' capacity to access services and participate in activies (Carbone, Fraser, Ramburuth, &...

Food insecurity in Australia

This practice sheet explores food insecurity in Australia with a focus on identifying those most likely to suffer it as well as considering its impacts. Whilst often thought of in terms of third world countries, food insecurity is also prevalent in certain groups within wealthy...