Tim Nelson

Working paper

Border adjustments under unilateral carbon pricing: the case of Australian carbon tax

In the absence of a global agreement to reduce emissions, Australia has adopted a carbon taxunilaterally to curb its own emissions.
Working paper

The Australian energy production facing carbon pricing

Energy production is vital to the Australian economy, but the carbon tax policy introduced in July 2012 triggered substantial fear in the energy sectors.
Discussion paper

The impact of an ETS on Australian energy sector: an integrated CGE and electricity modelling approach

By employing a computable general equilibrium (CGE) model with an embedded electricity supply sub-model, this paper reports the effects of a national ETS on the Australian energy sectors.

Australia's energy options: policy choice not economic inevitability

Executive summary A reliable and affordable supply of energy is a fundamental component to a vibrant economy. As a major source of commodities, including significant known reserves of low carbon emission energy sources, Australia is well positioned to supply the world’s future energy needs. In...
Journal article

Australian residential solar feed-in tariffs: industry stimulus or regressive form of taxation?

Feed-in Tariffs (FiT) for residential photovoltaic solar technologies are available in most Australian jurisdictions. Financial incentives under FiT are in addition to those provided by the Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme which forms part of the national 20% Renewable Energy Target. Little attention has been paid...