Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA)

Briefing paper

Trade in a post pandemic world

This analysis has been prepared for CEDA by Gary Sampson, Professor of International Trade at Melbourne Business School. It addresses the challenges facing world trade following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Economic and political overview 2020

This report provides an insight into the domestic and international economic, political and policy environment, giving policymakers and organisations an insight into the operating environment in the year to come.

Disrupting disadvantage: setting the scene

Entrenched disadvantage is unfortunately a well-known feature of the Australian socio-economic landscape. CEDA’s primary focus in this paper is on people who become stuck or are at risk of becoming stuck in disadvantage.

Company pulse 2019

This CEDA survey report shows that Australians expect a broad contribution from business, focused not just on the bottom line, but social and environmental performance as well.

Effects of temporary migration: shaping Australia’s society and economy

This report examines the facts around temporary migration, its importance to business and the economic benefits it delivers to Australians. While less often discussed than permanent migration, it is a significant and important part of Australia’s migration system.