Powering the transition: the net-zero workforce challenge

This report looks at opportunities in the energy sector in the transition to net-zero emissions by 2050. The report also focuses on how best to support workers and communities in traditional fossil-fuel industries.

Economic and policy outlook 2023

CEDA’s Economic and Policy Outlook 2023 looks at the key issues likely to shape economic and policy outcomes in the year ahead. It provides valuable analysis to help policy-makers and business respond to critical issues.

The effects of education and health on wages and productivity

Human capital theory supports the view that people with higher levels of education and lower incidences of chronic illness should have higher labour productivity. This paper examines the Australian evidence. Hourly wages can be used as an indicator of labour productivity. While wages are likely...
Working paper

The Stern Review: an assessment of its methodology

This technical paper contains a detailed examination of key elements of the Stern Review’s analytical approach.