Briefing paper

Hydrogen as an energy source

This paper gives a brief overview of hydrogen, how and where it will be produced in Australia, and the main challenges.

Residential aged care in Victoria: quick guide

This quick guide provides a brief overview of the size, operation and regulation of residential aged care in Australia, as well as a brief summary of recent policy developments and the interim findings of the Royal Commission on Aged Care Quality and Safety.

Emergency powers, public health and COVID-19

This research paper describes and contextualises the kinds of powers used by the Victorian and Commonwealth governments during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is intended as both a resource that captures the emergency response to COVID-19 and a primer on some of the wider issues related...

Epidemics and pandemics in Victoria: historical perspectives

This research paper examines the history of epidemics and pandemics in Victoria over the past 200 years. Focusing on the political, social and cultural impacts and legacies of these health crises, it considers what lessons they may, or may not, offer in helping comprehend the...

Victorian economic snapshot 2020

This publication provides a multi-perspective and historical overview of the Victorian economy. It is largely based on the most recent release of economic data published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, covering the 2018/19 financial year.