Caleb Triscari


Visualising Victoria's electoral history

This paper provides an outline of some of the main electoral and political changes in Victoria since the 1850s. It combines historical sources with computational data analysis and visualisation techniques to illustrate patterns in Victoria’s electoral and party systems.

Space technology in Australia

This paper provides a background on Australia’s space industry, the relevant public and private organisations, and the legislative framework governing it. The author also examines the opportunities and challenges the industry currently faces, with respect to regulation and competition from overseas counterparts.

Two decades of representation in the Victorian Parliament

This paper provides a social and demographic breakdown of Members of the Victorian Parliament for the five most recent parliaments (2002-2018) with respect to age, gender, education level, region of birth and occupation before entering Parliament.
Briefing paper

Treaty Authority and Other Treaty Elements Bill 2022: Bill Brief

The Victorian government is proceeding with its intention to negotiate a treaty with the state’s First Peoples and has introduced legislation to establish an entity that would facilitate these negotiations. This Bill Brief provides a summary of the proposed Treaty Authority and its functions, the...

COVID-19 vaccination rates and Victoria’s arts sector

This research paper provides a snapshot of the state of Victoria’s arts and entertainment sector between October 2021 and mid-January 2022, as restrictions eased in line with vaccination rates rising. It also explores how state and local governments in Victoria implemented policy and allocated finances...