Ben Hobbs

Alternate Name:
Ben Martin Hobbs

Mind the gap: identifying the gap between energy concession eligibility and concessions received

Ensuring low-income consumers receive concessions is direct cost-of-living support to improve affordability of energy bills. This report highlights the gap between those eligible for an energy concession and those receiving this concession on their energy bills.

Picking peaches: service quality in the Victorian energy market

This report provides a summary of the findings from a collaborative research project between RMIT’s Behavioural Business Lab and the Consumer Policy Research Centre. This research has produced unique empirical data about the value of service quality and how it affects consumer choice in the...

The experiences of older consumers: towards markets that work for people

This report draws together CPRC’s consolidated insights into the common experiences of older people across essential and important consumer markets. It identifies the priority approaches for policymakers to take forward, to improve consumer outcomes and better ensure markets work for people.

COVID-19 and consumers: from crisis to recovery

The focus in this report is on the consumer policy dimensions of COVID-19, including access to essential products and services – encompassing energy, housing, telecommunications and financial services; access to important consumer protections; and the potential for greater harm when living our lives so pervasively...

Choosing care: the difficulties in navigating the Home Care Package market

Affordable, effective and quality care is essential to Australia’s ageing population and the growing number of older people choosing to age in place. This report offers a range of insights into the barriers experienced by older Australians and their carers in evaluating and accessing home...