Consumer Policy Research Centre

Working paper

Not a fair trade: consumer views on how businesses use their data

The Consumer Policy Research Centre recently conducted a nationally representative survey of 1,000 Australians on their views on how personal information is collected, shared and used by businesses. This working paper explores consumer sentiment on privacy practices and protections.
Working paper

In whose interest? Why businesses need to keep consumers safe and treat their data with care

Australia’s privacy laws rely on notification and consent as the primary means of protecting consumers. The onus is on consumers to navigate complex privacy protections in a continuously complex digital economy. The author of this paper argues that it's time to consider reforms that hold...

Reforming electricity concessions to better meet need

Despite existing financial assistance for almost three million households, many people in Australia still cannot afford to pay for the energy they need. This report looks at what is required to deliver effective energy concessions, summarises the research findings, and makes a series of recommendations.
Research Summary

Rising rates, falling financial wellbeing: the impact of housing stress on Victorians

This report explores the cost of living and financial wellbeing during 2022, with a particular focus on renters and mortgaged homeowners given the rapid rise in interest rates.

The consumer experience of green claims in Australia

Marketers and businesses are trying to tap into a growing desire of many Australians to actively look after people and planet when choosing consumer goods. This report looks at how consumers are currently experiencing 'green' claims and what, beyond strong enforcement actions by regulators against...