Jonathan Pryke


Ocean of debt? Belt and Road and debt diplomacy in the Pacific

This analysis reviews the evidence surrounding China’s debt practices in the Pacific and the extent to which they have contributed to rising debt sustainability risks in the region.

2018 Australia–Papua New Guinea emerging leaders dialogue: outcomes report

The 2018 Dialogue looked at PNG’s time on the global stage as the host of APEC 2018, and also considered whether hoped-for opportunities in tourism have been realised. The participants also discussed the current state of the PNG–Australia relationship and the increased interest in the...

Submission to the Department of Communications and the Arts review of Australian broadcasting services in the Asia-Pacific

Under-investment, inconsistent government decision-making and strategic missteps by the national broadcaster have plagued Australia's efforts in international broadcasting for more than a decade. This is despite it being a potent tool for diplomacy in a region that is fast becoming a major focus for world...

A bumpy road: societal trends in Papua New Guinea

This paper charts social trends in Papua New Guinea and the impact they will have on political stability, policymaking and development.

Future scenarios for Papua New Guinea

This paper examines scenarios for Papua New Guinea's political future.