Stephan Fruhling

Briefing paper

Escalating cooperation: nuclear deterrence and the U.S-Australia alliance

While few Australian policymakers have engaged with nuclear strategy in recent decades, this paper suggests that there is a growing realisation amongst the country’s foreign affairs and defence community that nuclear deterrence will become more relevant for Australian defence policy.

Sovereign Defence Industry capabilities, independent operations and the future of Australian defence strategy

This paper argues that plans for a Sovereign Defence Industry must not be a catch-all list of defence industry we want to maintain for a variety of legitimate reasons, but should comprise that industry support required in country for defending Australia in the most challenging...

Preserving the knowledge edge: surveillance cooperation and the US–Australia alliance in Asia

Australia, the US and other regional allies today face a rapidly changing strategic environment in the Indo-Pacific. Overview The US–Australia alliance is the bedrock of Australia’s defence policy. Successive governments have looked to the alliance for access to military technology, intelligence and training, as well...
Journal article

The 2013 Defence White Paper: strategic guidance without strategy

Abstract The 2013 Defence White Paper places greater emphasis than its predecessors on defence engagement, and begins to link regional security to the defence of Australia itself. It does not explain, however, what Australia has to do to achieve its objectives, or what commitments it...