Vikas Kumar


Understanding China’s North-East and South Asia policies

The capacity of the United States to credibly guarantee a stable international system in Asia may, in the future, become increasingly moot. In this context, China’s aggressive posturing in territorial disputes has caused widespread concern in the Asia-Pacific region. Sensing growing opposition, however, China renewed...

India must do more to fully leverage its soft power potential

India’s soft power resources can be nurtured and better used to advance its foreign policy interests, if the government unobtrusively provides infrastructural support for soft projects and refrains from interfering in the cultural and social lives of its citizens.

Climate change and the future governance of the micro-island states of the Indian Ocean Region

The micro-island states of the Indian Ocean Region face an uncertain future due to climate change. This paper examines four possible solutions to their existential problems. Summary While the major powers quibble over the fine print of climate change agreements, small island countries and countries...