Dominik T. Matt

Journal article

The last planner system and building information modeling in construction execution

Many researchers have stated that lean and building information modeling (BIM) have positive synergies. This integrative literature review aims at exploring this body of knowledge within the scope of combinations of BIM and the Last Planner System, as an important Lean construction method, in the...
Conference paper

Conceptual foundations for a new lean BIM-based production system in construction

To prove whether productivity deficiencies in construction can be improved, a new lean BIM-based production system is designed to assess the hypothesis that a true integration of BIM functionalities with the Last Planner System will contribute to a more efficient project delivery. This paper discusses...
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Synchronization of engineering, manufacturing and on-site installation in lean ETO-enterprises

In the past few years and decades there have been major efforts to optimize production by methods such as Lean Manufacturing. After introducing these methods with success in the production area, the Lean philosophy spilled over to other areas such as administration, healthcare or even...
Journal article

Axiomatic Design Based Guidelines for the Design of a Lean Product Development Process

After the application of Lean Management in production, the Lean philosophy has been successfully implemented in many other areas. Through lean methods,processes in manufacturing were designed free of waste and through Lean Construction on-site installation follows the customer pace. Actually the Lean approach swaps also...
Journal article

Synchronization of the manufacturing process and on-site installation in ETO companies

Traditional Engineer-to-Order (ETO) companies are typically engaged in the production of capital goods or building projects in the construction industry. While parts or assemblies are manufactured and pre-assembled in the factory, the completion and final assembly will be concluded on-site. In usual construction supply chains...