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Helena Lidelow

Journal article

Middle managers' perceptions of operations strategies at construction contractors

Operations strategies focus on how a firm delivers value, while business strategies focus on what to deliver and where. Lean is an operations strategy prioritizing flow efficiency. In construction, empirical underpinning of operations strategies has been limited. The aim is to capture how perceptions of...
Conference paper

Flow and resource efficiency measurement method in off-site production

Although the focus remains primarily on high resource efficiency, the significance of flow efficiency in construction is continuously increasing. Flow and resource efficiency describe two competing target viewpoints, which focus on reducing non-value adding activities and maximizing resource utilization, respectively. Recent research has shown that...
Conference paper

The ER design simulation game: Experience and reflect

Most simulation games that exist are targeted towards experiencing and reflecting on Lean principles such as tact time, pull, Kanban, continuous improvements etc. The design phase in construction is characterised by information not being available, iterative work, specialized work tasks, and high uncertainty. The research...
Conference paper

The effect of pre-engineering on design management methods

Several methods exist for design management such as Agile project management, the Last Planner System, and configuration in diverse variants. Construction can be realized using different degrees of pre-engineering i.e. different production strategies, which can affect the design management method. The research aim is to...