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Shobha Ramalingam

Conference paper

Applicability of Value Stream Mapping and Work Sampling in an industrial project in India

Poor productivity and inefficiencies in the production process are alarming issues in the construction industry that also erode the value proposition of projects. Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and Work Sampling (WS) are two important techniques in the 'Lean' philosophy that aim at reducing and minimizing...
Conference paper

Enablers for Sustainable Lean Construction in India

Sustainability and Lean practices are two modern philosophies that are wielding influence in the construction industry. Researchers have observed that Sustainability and Lean implementation go hand in hand and there are benefits in implementing them together as 'Sustainable Lean Construction' (SLC).
Conference paper

Mapping of BIM process for teaching lean

Value Stream Mapping (VSM), a Lean tool and Building Information Modelling (BIM) are two contemporary approaches that aim to reduce waste and enhance collaboration in the realization of construction projects. While the principles and practices of both are found to benefit construction processes; there are...