Jose de Paula Barros Neto

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Jose de P. Barros Neto
Conference paper

Achieving excellence in Lean implementation at construction companies: a case study from Brazil

Key themes that emerge from this study for a successful lean construction journey are; effort to stabilise the environment, knowledge creation and management, transparency in the process to enable simplicity and shared understanding, and building trust for further growth.
Conference paper

Features, roles and processes of performance measurement in lean construction

The development of an adequate performance measurement system represents a challenge for all modern companies, including those applying Lean Construction (LC) principles. LC companies adopt a broader scope that focuses not only on traditional financial performance but also on process improvement and value creation. Thus...
Conference paper

Lean metric system: Proposal for a performance measurement system for construction projects

The application of Information Technology (IT) for the constructions management is mentioned as an important success factor. Improved IT management tools can help reduce important issues such as information gathering, misrepresentation, and lack of process standardization. These issues are related to the information flow and...