Grant Dalton


When should public bodies exist?

Current UK Government guidance states that public bodies should exist only ‘as a last resort’, when three narrow tests are met. This approach means government does not always use the appropriate mechanism to fulfil its objectives. The authors of this paper argue that the tests...

Preparing a shadow ministerial team for office

The Institute for Government is undertaking research in preparation for the expected 2024 election in the United Kingdom and all its potential outcomes, including looking at how the Opposition and the civil service should prepare for a possible transition of government. In this report, the...

How to abolish a public body: ten lessons from previous restructures

Public bodies are frequently abolished, but there is little public guidance on how to do this. This report sets out ten practical lessons to help ministers and civil servants to decide when abolitions should happen and then to manage them well.

Diversity and inclusion in the think tank sector

Diversity is vital for research organisations. It is important that think tanks reflect the wider population and that their work can represent a broad range of experiences. Efforts have already been made to improve diversity in the sector, but it is clear that much more...

Reforming public appointments

Ministers make appointments to powerful roles across the public sector. These can be controversial, so ensuring a high calibre of appointees is important. This report responds to concerns about the appointments process – and standards in public life generally – by proposing reforms to restore...