Declan Martin

Conference proceedings

City economics and economies: SOAC 2021 conference track and abstracts

Australasian cities have ridden a long wave of economic growth driven by the export of resources, international education, tourism, and immigration. Far from being equally shared, this growth has instead produced widening disparities within and between cities, suburbs, and regions.
Conference paper

Resilience and adaptation: urban manufacturing and cultural production in Melbourne’s gentrifying inner north

This paper focuses on interviews with urban manufacturers and cultural producers in Brunswick, a gentrifying suburb approximately six kilometres north of Melbourne’s central business district.
Conference paper

Placing production in urban cultural policy: the locational patterns of cultural industries and related manufacturing

By fixating on a narrow geographic area, policymakers have overlooked the functional diversity and spatial extent of arts and cultural clusters in large metropolitan regions. We call attention to these industrial and geographic oversights in policy by examining the intersection between cultural industries and urban...
Working paper

Navigating economic uncertainty in post-COVID cities

Australia has entered a period of reduced COVID-19 restrictions, yet both the health and economic well-being of our communities remain fragile. This research aims to assist policymakers in assessing the risk of employment vulnerability as the impacts of COVID-19 evolve.