John Alford

Journal article

Wicked and less wicked problems: a typology and a contingency framework

This paper addresses shortcomings in the scholarship about ‘wicked problems’, and suggests ways of tackling them.
Journal article

Into the purple zone: deconstructing the politics/administration distinction

Describes the politics/administration interface as variable - either a “purple zone” of interaction between the red of politics and the blue of administration, or a clear line, depending on contextual factors.
Working paper

Flexible governmental budgeting: Not fewer rules, just different ones

Budgeting reform over the last 25-30 years has been about trying to increase both central control and flexibility. But inflexible rules, the authors note, actually endure despite the reforms. They propose applying the concept of responsive regulation to finance departments' oversight of line agencies. This...
Working paper

An empirical look at citizen co-production in Australia

Coproduction – the contribution of time and effort to the delivery of public services by service-users and citizens, prompted by or in concert with public sector organisations – is attracting increasing attention from governments and communities. The literature identifies numerous initiatives in the United States...
Journal article

Mapping public value processes

This paper introduces a policy mapping framework called Public Value Process Mapping (PVPM) that is designed to be more comprehensive than existing frameworks in either the private or public sectors. Abstract Purpose The purpose of this paper is to add to the analytic toolkit of...