Saloni Salil

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Beijing’s great game in the Indo-Pacific: future dynamics

This paper argues that the dynamics in the Indo-Pacific will now probably be predicated on pushback against China, which the world is already witnessing with the realignment of alliances, the rise of regional powers and American endurance.

Lebanon: a fractured nation with a chequered history and a troubled future

This paper argues that Lebanon has stumbled from one political crisis into another in recent times, and is in danger of becoming a victim of power-hungry foreign actors who seek economic, strategic and political gains by controlling the country.

A Middle Eastern chess game: US-Iran tensions and the implications for India

This paper assesses the changing dynamics in the US-Iran relationship, the crisis in the Persian Gulf, the importance of Iran to India and how the US-Iran situation is affecting Indian interests.

India and the emerging Indo-Pacific strategic arc

This paper highlights the growing discussion of the concept of the “Indo-Pacific”, a strategic arc that aims to bind the Indian Ocean to the western Pacific Ocean as one single entity. This would provide an effective structure for a security system, which could protect the...

Australia, China and the United States: maintaining an equilibrium in the Indo-Pacific

Looking into the increasing economic and political strength of China, this report shows how its relationship with both Australia and the United States will change. As tensions rise in the South China Sea, the world is watching nervously as events unfold. Although not a party...