Dave McRae


Indonesia: balancing the United States and China, aiming for independence

This study provides an assessment of Indonesia’s relations with the United States and China, with a particular focus on security-related ties. Executive summary A country on the rise, Indonesia upholds a flexible foreign policy that allows it to productively engage with both the United States...

The 2014 Indonesian elections and Australia-Indonesia relations

Australia should not interpret the likelihood of continuity in Indonesia’s international standing and orientation as justifying a status quo approach to bilateral ties. Abstract Joko Widodo’s election in 2014 as Indonesia’s seventh president reflects a mood of change from Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s Indonesia. On the...

More talk than walk: Indonesia as a foreign policy actor

Indonesia is unlikely to become a significantly influential international actor in the medium term, despite its size, strategic location and economic potential. Key findings: Indonesia’s influence in international affairs is growing, but it will not become a major power in the short to medium term...

The fifth estate: more Jakarta, less Geneva: Australia and Indonesia

On 15 October 2013 Fifth Estate host Sally Warhaft was joined by a panel of experts including Greg Sheridan (the Australian’s foreign editor) and Dr Dave McRae (the Lowy Institute’s Indonesia expert) to discuss Australian-Indonesian relations, and the key responsibilities and obligations of both nations...

The fifth estate: more Jakarta, less Geneva: Australia and Indonesia

At a state dinner in Jakarta, Tony Abbott’s first foreign destination as prime minister, the new Australian leader said that there have been times when ‘all sides of Australian politics could have said less and done more’. Australia’s recent handling of issues relating to asylum...