Alexandra Grey


How standard Zhuang has met with market forces

Although centred on a case study in China, this research chapter explains a key point relevant to minority and Indigenous language support in Australia and New Zealand: that language standardisation (an aspect of public policy) can make a language less accessible to its speakers, rather...

The plan to strengthen Indigenous languages

In this article, Alexandra Grey, from UTS Law, examines the federal government's plan to strengthen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.
Blog post

Freedom of expression and the ban on Arabic in NSW prisons – analysing Hamzy v Commissioner of Corrective Services [2020] NSWSC 414

The NSW Supreme Court’s judgment in Hamzy v Commissioner of Corrective Services, handed down in April 2020, upholds the legality of NSW’s English-only rules on communication by 'extreme high risk restricted' (EHRR) inmates. It provides a rare insight into Australian judicial thinking about freedom of...

Multilingual Australia is missing out on vital COVID-19 information. No wonder local councils and businesses are stepping in

This article explains more about the author's 2020 study on the accessibility, quality and uptake of government communications about COVID-19 in languages other than English.

Language and Indigenous disadvantage

This blog provides an overview of aspects of new research relevant to Indigenous people's disadvantage in Australian legal systems presented at the 14th biennial conference of the International Association of Forensic Linguists at RMIT University in Melbourne from 1-5 July 2019.