Kevin You


Queensland's green tape crisis: an analysis of the growth of Queensland's environmental bureaucracy and agricultural sector

This report estimates the size and growth of Queensland’s environmental bureaucracy since the year 2000, and compares it against the size and growth of Queensland’s agricultural sector.

Victoria on the edge: debt, deficits and unsustainable growth

The Australian economy faces the greatest series of financial risks in decades, as the odds of a global recession continue to increase. The authors of this report argue that the Victorian economy is particularly vulnerable to the economic shocks that are coming its way, because...

Australia's green tape army

Agriculture embodies the values of hard work, risk-taking and entrepreneurship - the values which are central to the Australian way of life. This report reveals that since 2000, the size of the federal environmental bureaucracy has grown three times faster than the agricultural sector itself.

The social and economic costs of environmental legal activism

This report has been prepared to argue that the Albanese Government’s proposed Climate Change Bill 2022 will expand the scope for green activists to challenge approvals for critical resource projects. It also outlines the potential economic consequences of such actions.

Australia’s debt disaster: estimating interest repayments on federal government debt by 2030

The research in this report explores three scenarios which model the impact that rising cash rates will have on government bond yields and interest repayments on debt being rolled over, as well as new debt being added to Australia's balance sheet.