Joey Reinhard


Micro but mighty: magnifying microbusiness in Australia

This report aims to better understand the importance of microbusinesses — namely, businesses that are characterised by a small number of employees, turnover and assets. It uses a combination of desktop research and real-world case studies to articulate their value, composition and contribution to the...

Tough gig: worker perspectives on the gig economy

This research project involved one of the largest ever surveys of transport workers in the gig economy in Australia. this report examines pay, conditions, safety and flexibility associated with this work.

A decade of wages lost

This report sheds light on the scale and impact of the Australia's nominal wage increases and their recent decline.

The cost of extreme weather

Climate change is driving worsening destructive extreme weather events in a range of different ways around Australia - from more severe bushfire seasons and intense heatwaves to more powerful cyclones, flash flooding and droughts. This report argues that whether insurance is paying for it, or...

Addressing infrastructure inequality: a path to equality for Melbourne’s outer suburbs

This report examines the unique mix of infrastructure inequality in Melbourne. It identifies the primary geography of infrastructure inequality in Melbourne, notably in its outer suburbs and the Interface Council areas.