Andrew Baker


Not looking for work: the rise of non-jobseekers on unemployment benefits

Following the global financial crisis, the incumbent Labor government introduced policies that reduced the job search requirements for people on unemployment benefits. As a result, there are now around 350,000 people receiving unemployment benefits who are classified as ‘non-jobseekers’, meaning that they are not required...

Tax welfare churn and the Australian welfare state

In 2010–11, Australia’s welfare state, which includes health, education and income support payments, accounted for approximately $316 billion in government expenditure and 65% of total government expenditure. By way of comparison, Australia’s three levels of government received $358 billion in tax revenue in 2010–11, of...

The new Leviathan: a National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been touted as the biggest and most expensive social reform since Medicare. The Productivity Commission initially estimated that the NDIS would provide disability care and support services to 411,000 people at a cost of $13.5 billion (gross) every...