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Michael Lawless

Journal article

Co-designing evidence-based videos in health care: a case exemplar of developing creative knowledge translation “evidence-experience” resources

Well-designed evidence-based resources that reflect participant experiences and priorities are imperative for informed consumer health decision-making and to combat the pervasive health misinformation existing today. Qualitative research data can inform the development of such resources, but the process of reconciling qualitative research data with other...

Journal article

Understanding consumer perceptions of frailty screening to inform knowledge translation and health service improvements

Despite growing support for the clinical application of frailty, including regular frailty screening for older adults, little is known about how older adults perceive frailty screening. The purpose of this study was to examine older adults' perspectives on frailty screening to inform knowledge translation and...

Journal article

Feasibility and acceptability of commonly used screening instruments to identify frailty among community-dwelling older people: a mixed methods study

Frailty exposes older people to an elevated risk of a range of negative outcomes. Emerging evidence that frailty can be effectively treated within community settings has stimulated calls for more proactive screening within primary care. Assessing feasibility is a critical preliminary step in assessing the...

Journal article

Older adults' understandings and perspectives on frailty in community and residential aged care: an interpretive description

Despite growing interest in frailty as a significant public health challenge, comparatively little is known about how older adults perceive and experience frailty, limiting the effectiveness of strategies to improve frailty management and prevention. The objective of this study was to understand how older people...

Journal article

General practitioners' perceptions, attitudes and experiences of frailty and frailty screening

This study suggests that Australian GPs may be open to a proactive approach to frailty assessment and treatment, given appropriate training and resources.