Sophi Bruce


The intrinsic value of libraries as public spaces

This report examines the perspectives of both providers and users of library services from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom to decode the value of online library spaces and digital services from the users’ perspective while noting their behaviour and preferences as they...

People matter for local government

This study, from the University of Technology Sydney Centre for Local Government, examines employee perceptions of council workplaces in NSW. Approximately 1,500 local government employees responded to the survey in 2016 and 2017.

Walking with communities: local government and community responses to local area renewal

This report provides governments and stakeholders involved in local and place-focused renewal with conceptual framing and case study examples that can help inform and shape new community collaboration initiatives for their own contexts.
Discussion paper

Creative councils for creative communities

Executive summary This report by Marrickville Council and the Centre for Local Government, University of Technology Sydney (UTS:CLG) contributes to understanding of the role of creativity as a prerequisite to innovation in local government, particularly during a time of change and reform to the local...
Discussion paper

Advancing leadership

The Advancing Leadership Initiative as described in this discussion paper, is aimed at broadening leadership capacity for professionals working within Australian Local Government. It has been developed in response to the urgent need to nurture those mid-tier local government professionals who aspire to be better...