Hannah Andrevski


Labour exploitation in the Australian construction industry: risks and protections for temporary migrant workers

There have been a number of alleged cases of labour exploitation involving temporary migrant workers in Australia since the late 1990s. The Australian construction industry was identified as particularly problematic, with allegations of deception in relation to work contracts, lack of compliance with employment standards...

Experiences of exploitation and human trafficking among a sample of Indonesian migrant domestic workers

Foreword: Indonesia has one of the highest rates of workers seeking employment abroad, with the majority of these workers being females employed in domestic service. Due to the nature of recruitment, the process of migration and the location and characteristics of the work, Indonesian migrant...

Male victims of non-sexual and non-domestic violence: service needs and experiences in court

This report presents the findings of a study that explored the experiences and support needs of male victims of violence living in New South Wales. Abstract: While a great deal of research has been undertaken into female victims of violence, male-focused victimology research undertaken in...

ACT victims of crime referral project: final report

This report presents the findings of a project funded by Victim Support ACT and ACT Policing to examine the experiences of victims referred by police to support services and the operation of the referral process in the ACT. Since the completion of the report in...

Trafficking in persons monitoring report: January 2009–June 2011

Since 2008, the Australian Government has increased the tempo on investigating and understanding these crimes, and the Australian Institute of Criminology’s research and monitoring program is part of this effort. The Government has introduced new legislation to crack down on trafficking slavery and servile marriages.