Jacqueline Joudo Larsen


People trafficking in Australia

The clandestine nature of trafficking in persons means that there is little reliable data about the nature and extent of the crime; however, a picture is emerging of the nature of people trafficking as the number of prosecutions grows. Few of the cases identified in...

Trafficking in persons monitoring report: January 2009–June 2011

Since 2008, the Australian Government has increased the tempo on investigating and understanding these crimes, and the Australian Institute of Criminology’s research and monitoring program is part of this effort. The Government has introduced new legislation to crack down on trafficking slavery and servile marriages.

Crimes against international students in Australia 2005-2009

A key part of the Australian Institute of Criminology’s role is to provide a capacity to investigate new and evolving crimes and in the past two years, there has been significant interest in determining the nature and extent to which international students studying in Australia...

The trafficking of children in the Asia-Pacific

This paper examines current definitions of child trafficking, the forms that it is known to take in Asia and the Pacific, the factors which increase vulnerability to trafficking and the mechanisms for the protection of children from this crime. Children are vulnerable to many forms...

Deaths in custody in Australia: national deaths in custody program 2008

This report analyses deaths occurring in custodial settings, such as prison and juvenile detention, as well as police custody and related operations, for the period 1980 to 2008. It does not consider deaths in detention centres under immigration legislation. Since it was established to monitor...