Shona Macleod


Evaluation of the Start programme: case-study report

This report presents five case studies of long-term partnerships (over three years) between arts organisations and schools. The Start programme enables arts venues and schools to work together to offer disadvantaged young people opportunities to engage in creative activities that inspire them and enhance their...

Improving young people's engagement with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)

Skills shortages in STEM sectors represent a real threat to the UK’s capacity for growth. Even in the current recessionary period, employers cannot find enough future employees suitably qualified in STEM to meet demand. Although young people value mathematics and science education, many do not...

Hidden talents - exploiting the link between engagement of young people and employment

Introduction: The LG Group commissioned NFER to undertake research to support local authorities by identifying a range of opportunities for local authorities and businesses to work together for mutual benefit. The research also aimed to identify and provide case studies of how local authorities have...