Murray Lee


Police detainee perspectives on police body-worn cameras

Findings in this report suggest that police detainees in Australia are largely supportive of the use of police body-worn cameras (BWCs), but this was predicated on a number of operational and procedural requirements.

Police detainee perspectives on CCTV

In this study, adult police detainees were interviewed about their views and experiences of CCTV through an addendum to the Drug Use Monitoring in Australia (DUMA) program.

Sexting among young people: perceptions and practices

Foreword The rapid development and adoption of online digital technologies has had a profound effect on the way young people conduct their social relationships. The emergence of sexting, or the distribution of sexually explicit photos and videos, has gained widespread attention and raised moral concerns...
Journal article

Community safety and crime prevention partnerships: challenges and opportunities

There is a need for formal engagement between State government agencies that steer NSW crime prevention, and community safety policy initiatives and local government, argues this article. Abstract
Journal article

‘Let’s get sexting’: risk, power, sex and criminalisation in the moral domain

This article explores the criminalisation and governance of sexting among young people.