David Glance

Associate Professor David Glance is the Director of the UWA Centre for Software Practice.
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Economic and political overview 2018

Data and analytics are transforming the global economy and the public and private sectors in Australia need to have a greater focus on the workforce, security and ethical implications, according to CEDA’s 2018 economic and political overview.

Simple processing and clever apps? Don’t hold your breath for a user-friendly Medicare IT system

The privatisation of Australia’s Medicare organisation has become a hot issue in this election with the Labor party accusing the Liberals of wanting to privatise Medicare. The federal government earlier this year earmarked $5 million to fund consultants to review the digital payment services of...
Journal article

The pedagogical foundations of massive open online courses

In 2011, the respective roles of higher education institutions and students worldwide were brought into question by the rise of the massive open online course (MOOC). MOOCs are defined by signature characteristics that include: lectures formatted as short videos combined with formative quizzes; automated assessment...