Beyond parity in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce planning

The authors of this report were commissioned by the National Health Leadership Forum to investigate approaches to workforce planning based on the healthcare needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
Journal article

Assessing the support of health leadership for increased Indigenous participation in the health workforce

The aim of this study was to assess the strength of leadership statements in Australian state and territory policy documents supporting increased representation of Indigenous people in the health workforce.

Navigating to senior leadership in the Australian Public Service: identifying barriers and enablers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in APS employment

This commissioned report examines enablers and barriers which act to support or impede career progression of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees to senior levels in the Australian Public Service (APS). It draws on fifty in-depth interviews with current or former Aboriginal and Torres Strait...
Discussion paper

Closing the Gap Refresh: papering over the gaps or structural reform?

Five academics and visitors at the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research made submissions as part of the Closing the Gap Refresh ‘Have Your Say’ process. The views of these individuals have been consolidated into this document to ensure their longer-term availability.
Working paper

Understanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employee decisions to exit the Australian Public Service

Despite some success in recruiting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to the Australian Public Service (APS), the long-term trend is one of declining representation. A fundamental issue is that rates of separation among Indigenous public servants remain consistently greater than those of their non-Indigenous...