Michael Dillon

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Michael C. Dillon

Indigenous affairs: how we’re choosing by not choosing

While the moral imperative for making the nation’s institutions less exclusionary is unarguable, the political imperative for reform is weak or non-existent.
Policy report

Overcoming Indigenous exclusion: very hard, plenty humbug

The aim of this paper is to provide a high level and accessible overview of the policy and political forces which operate in the Indigenous policy domain.
Working paper

Policy implications of the Timber Creek decision

This paper considers the recent ‘landmark’ decision in native title law in Northern Territory v Mr A. Griffiths (deceased) and Lorraine Jones on behalf of the Ngaliwurru and Nungali Peoples [2019] HCA 7.
Discussion paper

Systemic innovation in native title

This paper explores the implications which flow from the fact that native title institutions comprise a complex system, or meta-system, and examines the extent and value of innovation within the native title system.
Briefing paper

Implications of the 2018–19 Budget for Indigenous Australians

This paper provides an overview of the implications for Indigenous Australians of the 2018–19 Federal Budget, focusing on both Indigenous-specific budget announcements, as well as general or mainstream measures that have particular relevance for Indigenous Australians.