Lucy Carter


Fair pricing for power

This report recommends a change to the way consumers pay for the network that carries electricity from generators to homes, so that it better reflects the cost of running the network. Overview Australians are paying too much for power. In the five years to 2013...

Shock to the system: dealing with falling electricity demand

This report argues that Australians are using less power but paying more for it, with potentially highly damaging consequences for the electricity system. Overview Electricity use in Australia is falling. From the 1960s to the end of the 20th century, electricity consumption increased at an...

Getting gas right: Australia’s energy challenge

The global gas revolution is poised to significantly raise bills for Australian households and some gas-using businesses, but government should resist calls to protect domestic households and businesses from high gas prices. Getting gas right: Australia’s energy challenge finds that development of Australia’s liquefied natural...